Saturday, Oct 7, 2023

Loco Beer Mile

7473 Humboldt Rd

Butte Meadows, CA Scavenger Hunt 5K, Loco Beer Mile, Mile + Scavenger

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 7, 2023

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Loco Beer Mile

The Loco Beer Mile is happening on Saturday, 6/25, at 4pm at the Mercantile in Butte Meadows. It was awesome last year and this year it will be awesome-er! How does it work? Great question, read below:

1. Runners toe the line with beer in hand.
2. When the race marshal gives the signal, runners drink their first beer.
3. When runner is done drinking their first beer, they begin their first lap.
4. Runner runs a total of 4 laps, drinking a beer between each lap (for a total of 4 beers during the race - 1 at the start, 3 between laps).
5. First male and female to cross the finish line win a super sweet king or queen of the Loco Beer Mile hat & bragging rights until next year.
*Runners supply their own beer. Beer must be 5% or higher
*Runners must be 21 or over to participate.
*Respectfully, this is an adult event. Please do not bring any spectators under the age of 18.

Want to make a day of it? Register for all of Saturday at Trail Camp & you get all meals included for the day plus registration to the Loco Beer mile & the Loco Scavenger Hunt! Just choose the "Beer Mile + Scavenger Hunt + Meals" option when you click the green registration button.
Want to join us for part or all of the weekend? Check out Loco Trail Camp on UltraSignUp!

Loco Scavenger Hunt

Loco Scavenger Hunt
Love Scavenger Hunts? So do we! Come run the Loco Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, June 25th at 11am, in Butte Meadows, Ca. Run through the quaint little downtown area of Butte Meadows, interacting with businesses there & through the wooded areas near the Mercantile and Bambi Inn. Race to the finish line to earn a fun and unique prize!

The scavenger hunt will be approximately 5k. Build your own team, up to 4 participants (all teammates need to register), run solo or partner up with someone on race day. Either way, registering is easy! Just click "scavenger hunt" from the registration menu and complete your registration.

You do not need to be registered for Loco Trail Camp to participate in the Scavenger Hunt (if you are registered for Trail Camp, the scavenger hunt is included in your registration).

Want to make a day of it? Register for all of Saturday at Trail Camp & you get all meals included for the day, registration to the Loco Scavenger Hunt plus registration to the Loco Beer mile.

*Respectfully, this event is an adults only event. All registered runners and spectators need to be 18 years or older.

Event's current local time: 1:22 AM PT


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