Sunday, Sep 17, 2023

Kismet Cliff Run

68 Echo Lake Rd,

North Conway, NH 1/2 Marathon, 5 Miler

This Event Took Place Sun. Sep 17, 2023


The Kismet Cliff Run takes place every September amidst the rugged beauty of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Choose either the Beast of the East Half-Marathon or Little Beast 5 Miler.

Little Beast

Little Beast is a five-mile race that navigates the roller coaster trails of Cathedral and Whitehorse Ledges. Twisting double track quickly gives way to steep, technical single track as you take on the first of two tough ascents. The subsequent descents, with miles of Conway granite all around you, will challenge even the best technique. Fortunately you won’t worry about your PR as you take in the beauty of Echo Lake State Park and the White Mountains.
Kismet Little Beast Course

Beast of the East

The Beast of the East Half-Marathon takes the Little Beast Course, and adds a stupendous loop over North Moat Mountain via the incredible granite Red Ridge. As you grind your way up the 2,000 foot climb, you will have time to take in the amazing views. However you will be fully exposed to any inclement weather, so be prepared! The Beast has over 4,300 ft of vertical fun.

The Beast is easily a contender for “toughest half-marathon” anywhere, but that label pales in comparison with the stirring views to the Presidential Range, the Pemi Wilderness and beyond.
Kismet Beast of the East Course
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STARTING TIMES: Because this race sells out, we will stagger the start times to lessen the bottle-necking.
Beast of the East: 8am
Little Beast will go off at 8:15am

Aid Station 1 is at 2.1 Miles. (This is the only aid Station for the 5 Milers.)
Aid Station 2 is at 4.1 Miles. You will have almost 6 miles from here with no water so make sure to top off.
Water Station. There will be a Water ONLY station at mile 9.9.

GEAR: We suggest you take some gear with you. You are going to be out there for a very long time.

Hydration vest. (1 hand held won’t cut it.)
Food/Salt tabs
Small med kit.
Cell Phone
Rain/Wind Jacket.

There are no cutoff times because we have no way to pull you off the course. You guys are in the middle of nowhere. With that said… if you get injured we also have no way to pull you off the course. ( search and rescue helicopter rides are expensive. )
TREKKING POLES: Trekking poles are ONLY allowed for the Half Marathon runners and are not to be used until after the 2nd aid station at 4.1 miles. DO NOT USE THEM UNTIL AFTER THE 2ND AID STATION!!!!

BAD CHOICES: We will get this unpleasantness out of the way now. If you are signed up for the Beast of the East and get to the turning point for the 5 miler and think the Half Distance was a bad choice and go short, You will be marked as a DNF. It is better to be uninjured with a DNF than Search and Rescue pulling you off the mountain so make good choices. REMINDER- THERE ARE NO DOGS ALLOWED AT THE STATE PARK.

Event's current local time: 4:57 AM ET


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