May 4 - 5, 2024

Folsom 100

8000 Douglas Blvd

Granite Bay, CA 100 Miler, 100M 2 Per Rly, 54 miles, 20 mile

This Event Took Place Sun. May 5, 2024

Folsom 100!!

Come join us for the third annual FOLSOM 100-mile ultramarathon circumnavigating Folsom Lake! The Folsom 100 will start from Granite Bay state recreation area at Granite Bay Main Beach 5:00 am on May 4th, 2024. Runners will have 34 hours to complete the 100-mile loop around Folsom Lake. You will be starting from Granite Bay and traveling through, Loomis, Auburn, Cool, Salmon Falls, El Dorado Hills, Folsom Point and back to Granite Bay! We have combined large sections of our other races (Meat Grinder, Snowberry, Red Dragon, and Dead Truck) into this one EPIC route! The views around Folsom Lake and river canyons are stunning as you work your way through this incredible course. The 54-mile race will end at the Skunk Hallow Parking lot in Pilot Hill. Parking is very limited here and drop off/pick up is advised. There will be no shuttle. The 100-mile 2-person relay switch out will also take place at Skunk Hallow Parking lot in Pilot Hill. Don't miss out on the third year of the Folsom 100! Sign up fast and earn your buckle! Hurry spots are limited!


Granite Bay - start

Rattlesnake SRA - 9.4 miles

Cardiac Hill (water only) - 15.96 miles

Auburn Overlook Park (drop bag & medic) - 18.46 miles

Cool (drop bag) =25.86 miles

St. Florian road - 32 miles

Rattlesnake bar - 44 miles

Skunk Hallow (drop bag & medic) - 53 miles

Magnolia -64 miles

Skunk Hallow - 74 miles - drop bag & medic

Old Salmon Falls staging area (water only) - 78.3 miles

Browns Ravine - 89 miles

Granite Bay - FINISH! 100 miles


:100 MILES


: 54 MILES

Runner Requirements:

- Wear a reflective vest while on the road sections of the Folsom 100

- Have a minimum of one light on them 30 min prior to sunset until 30 min after sunrise.

-Stay on the shoulder of the road at all times

-Obey all traffic laws and park rules during the race

-Do not drop trash unless in a trash can!​


This is the perfect race to have a crew! There are a lot of potential spots on the course to be crewed but thats for you to figure out, Pacing will be allowed starting at Auburn Overlook Park (ADO)

-Crews / spectators are asked to please avoid Rattlesnake Bar Recreation area as runners will be on Rattlesnake Bar Road during the race. D.O.T. has been generous to grant permission and we don't want to ruin that for next year. Click the website link for maps of aid stations and the route.


Please check our website for detailed maps!


Runner check-in and bib pickup will take place Friday May 3rd 2pm - 7pm and Saturday May 5th 4am - 5:45am. Runner check-in location is Granite Beach at Granite Bay state recreation area. This is also the start and finish line for the race.

Drop bag

Drop bag locations will be ADO - mile 18, Cool - mile 26 and Skunk hollow - mile 53 / 64. All runners will be supplied with up to 3 24"x24" plastic drop bags with drawstrings. These bags are mandatory use for all drop bags. You will pick them up at runner check in on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Please write your bib number and drop location on the bag at runner check in. You will then place your bag in the drop bag area behind the sign for the location you would like it to go. SS Mountain Racing is not responsible for misplaced or lost bags. Please do not leave anything of extreme value in your drop bag. 100 mile drop bags will end up back at the start line.

Map Mandatory

All runners will be required to have a device with the GPS race route downloaded from This is mandatory for safety reasons. This is a point-to-point race that requires navigation on your part. Thank you for understanding.

Relay sign up instructions

The relay captain signs up and pays the full price, an invite code is given at checkout to share for their teammate to sign up.


Some proceeds from the Folsom 100 will be donated to The Upper Room Dinning Hall. Please visit their website to Make Donations:
You can also find a link on our website:

20 Mile distance

Run from Granite Bay beach to ADO! Beware, the 20-mile distance is not to be taken lightly. There are only two aid stations, and you will be traveling through the infamous meat grinder!


Hammer Nutrition products will be available at all aid stations. All runners will also receive samples with their race swag.
USCryotherapy Sacramento

Capitol city Honda

Squirrels Nutt Butter

Why is this race so challenging?

While this route is filled with amazing views of the lake and fun singletrack don't be fooled. There are many challenging aspects to this 100 miler. You will work your way through Meat Grinder and arrive at Cardiac Hill as you climb to Auburn Overlook Park. You will then drop down to the American River Confluence and Find yourself at the bottom of the infamous K2 that will lead you into Cool California. In Cool you will take the Quarry trail down to the river again and work back up to Cool. After tackling those climbs you will need to find a way through the 10-mile road section! This section hits in about mid to late afternoon as things heat up so be ready! You will need a lot of water on this section! This year water will be available halfway through the road section. This will bring you to peninsula campground where you will catch the Darrington trail to Skunk Hallow parking lot. As the sun sets you will head out 10 miles to Magnolia Ranch and return back to Skunk Hallow. From here it's a 25-mile fun run to the finish back at Granite Bay where you started. I say that but you do need to be aware of the paved trail that crosses Folsom Dam in the last 5 miles! This race can heat up in the afternoon and cool off in the evening so come prepared for that. There are several sections with 10-mile gaps between aid stations that will need to plan for as well. This race was designed by Ray Sanchez and should not be taken lightly! Sign up and let's see what you've got!


ADO- 18.46 MI - 11:30AM
COOL - 25.86 MI - 1:00PM
FINISH - 100MI - 3:00PM


T-Shirt for all distances
100 mile belt buckle

No Refunds

"No Refund Policy: Once a participant's registration for the Folsom 100 ultra marathon is complete, there will be no refunds for any reason, including but not limited to injury, illness, personal emergency, or event cancellation due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Participants acknowledge that the Folsom 100 ultra marathon involves a high level of physical exertion and carries with it the potential for serious injury, even death. By registering for the event, participants agree to assume all risks associated with their participation and to release and hold harmless the event organizers, sponsors, and volunteers from any and all claims or liabilities arising from their participation in the event.

If the event is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the organizers, such as extreme weather or a natural disaster, the organizers will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by participants in connection with the event, including but not limited to travel expenses, accommodation costs, or any other associated expenses."

Event's current local time: 1:47 AM PT


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