July 12 - 15, 2024

Notchview Ultra

83 Old Route 9

Windsor, MA 100.7 Miles, 72Hrs, 48hrs, 24hrs, 12hrs, 6hrs

This Event Took Place Mon. Jul 15, 2024

Reserved Campsites 2024

Reserve your campsite @ 9:00am on Saturday, May 4th, 2024 EST Google Form Link

Parking Lot Coordinates

We highly suggest getting Google Maps even just for the weekend if you haven't been here before. Plug in the following coordinates and it should take you directly to the parking lot:

42.504943, -73.037581


We have received confirmation for holding the event again in 2024! Registration opens on March 25, 2024 at 5:55am EST. Please plan accordingly. Waitlist will open if an event fills and you will not be charged until you receive invite and accept. Lots of details coming soon. Hope to see you there!

Event Description

DATE: July 12-15, 2024

72 hr and 100.7 mi start at 12pm on Friday
48 hour start at 12pm Saturday
12 hour start at 7am on Saturday
24 hour start at 12pm on Sunday
6 hour start at 12pm on Sunday

Location/Course Description: A beautifully groomed 1.9 mile perimeter loop trail that winds around Notchview in Windsor, MA. You will pass the aid station each lap and there will be access to bathrooms and running water. Link to Strava Segment of course: https://www.strava.com/segments/19298897.

AID STATION: We will provide an aid station with normal snacks : salty, sweet, water, gatorade, with access to microwave and coffee pot. Plans are in works to provide some warm food at night: mashed potatoes, meatballs, mac n cheese?. There will be a table to place your cups if you wish to reuse and not carry with you. Please help us keep waste to a minimum. Label a cup and leave it on the table :)

RULES/EXPECTATIONS: We are guests of Notchview. Please help us get welcomed back for next year. Clean up after yourself. Use the garbage cans and make sure not to leave any trash around your campsite. Quiet hours are 11pm to 6am. Please try to limit noise from your site at these hours. This helps us maintain our good standing with the Notchview Caretakers.

SWAG: Runners will receive an item of Notchview SWAG at packet pickup. We will have a merch table open at the start of race. Cash, check, or Venmo accepted. Exchanges can be made after event has started while the tables are open.

WE <3 OUR PUBLIC SERVICE MEMBERS! Are you a teacher, city employee, armed forces service member? Use code SERVICE! and save 10%! Thank YOU for all you do to help our community!

Who's Wally?

Wally is our resident salty melonhead. He attends each race, and there is a special challenge made by the race director for charity. He is proud to be the only watermelon on ultrasignup with multiple ultra finishes. He can sometimes have a mouth to him, but just threaten to throw him in the woods or drop him on a rock and he usually shuts up. For Notchview, each full lap is worth $5 to charity, as well as humble bragging rights and a photo op. If Wally beats his lifetime mileage goal of 76 miles, the RD will make an additional donation.

Event's current local time: 5:14 AM ET


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