Friday, Jan 17, 2025 @ 6:00 AM

Dark Anchor

Savannah, GA 34HRS

Registration Opens Thu. Aug 22, 2024 @ 7:00 PM ET


34 Hour Time Limit
Friday - 6 a.m. Start
Saturday - 4 p.m. Course closes


100 Miles, 80 Miles, 100K, 50K & 25K

NO DNF !! - This is a no DNF event ! Times will be collected at 25K and up ! This is a chance for you to go further then you ever have before without any stress!!


The course is a flat , soft runnable 3.5 mile loop. The aid and headquarters is set up at the at the start/finish of 3.5 mile loop !!

This course is compact and designed for you not to need a crew or pacer. You will leave Wormsloe start/finish you must touch the Pepsi Machine on every lap - very simple and highly manageable from beginner to old timer to gritty mtn runners ! This event is about community and coming together to help others reach new distances and PRs !!


An Anchor with the words 'Refuse to sink' is a firm sign of hope to hold on to. It means that an individual will not let a struggle become an anchor in stopping them to reach their goals. . It can be referenced back to a bible verse, "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure".


All Yeti Events are timed by ZEN ARCADE TIMING.
ZEN ARCADE TIMING provides professional chip timing for YETI TRAIL RUNNERS events from hourly races to 200 miles insuring timing and lap accuracy with up-to-date advanced displays.

Event's current local time: 8:44 AM ET


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