Saturday, Nov 20, 2021 @ 5:00 AM
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Please Read This Before You Sign Up

This is a fat ass or self support run. You're supposed to carry/plan everything you need for your run. The water stops as name implied only promise water. No refund, no transfer, no wait list, no course marking, no t-shirt, no medal, no certificate, nothing, just come and run. It's not a run for everyone, regardless how many 100 milers you have finished. You can not just sign up and run. You won't finish it.
1). There is no course marking. You'll need to navigate and stay on course by yourself.
2). The support is VERY limited.The first water stop will be on 50K. You'll need to be very self-reliant and very efficient on fuel and fluid.
3). The cutoff is 24hrs for 100 miler. You'll need to run fast!

By definition a qualifier is a simplifier. However I think most of them are oversimplified, Boston Marathon, Hardrock 100... Everyone is so different. That's why I don't require qualification for this run. If you really want to know what to take to finish this 100 miler, here's my take:
1). Finished a trail 100 miler in 24hrs, or any 100 miler PLUS a 3hrs (+- 10mins) marathon recently.
2). Train really hard on navigation, self-reliant, efficient of fuel and fluid.
Oh you also need to train running on roads if you're just a trail runner, or running on trails for road runners.

So What Do We Have Here

We have the most beautiful, epic and elegant single loop 100 miler in the world (with a reasonable amount of bias of course). I can't go into details of all the beauty and attractions along the course, you can google/wikipedia yourself. Just list some of names (and approximate mile) here.
Torrey Pine State Reserve and Beach (mi 0-3, 100.2). La Jolla Golf Course. UCSD (mi 3-5). La Jolla Cove and Children Beach (mi 8-10), Pacific Beach (mi 13-15). Ocean Beach and Mission Beach (mi 16-18). Sunset Cliff Park (mi 19). Shelter Island ( mi 21). Spanish Landing, San Diego Airport, Harbor Island, Star of India, USS Midway Museum, Unconditional Surrender Statue, Seaport Village, Embarcadero Park, Convention Center etc (mi 21-26). Gaslamp Quarter, Heart of San Diego (mi 27). Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo (mi 28-29). Balboa Golf Course (mi 31). Switzer Canyon (mi 32). University Height (mi 33-38). SDSU (mi 39). Cowles Mtn Peak (mi 44). Santee Lakes (mi 49-51). Sycamore Canyon, Clark Canyon, Goodan Ranch (mi 52-60). Poway (mi 61-72). Pascal Valley, Coast to Crest Trail ( mi 72-98). Lake Hodges (mi 75-83). Del Dios Gorge (mi 83). Rancho Santa Fe (mi 84-87). Del Mar Horse Park (mi 95). Del Mar Fairground (mi 97).

Race Reports

Bin Liu 2020 and 2018 Overall Winner (in Chinese)
Gang Qin 2020 (in Chinese, lots of photos)
Phillip Espinoza 2019
Bill Dittman 2019 Overall Winner
Bibo Gao 2017 Overall Winner (in Chinese)

Water Stops (WS) Location

Driving directions of all water stops:

Start/Finish line
5AM Saturday, 5AM Sunday
2099 Carmel Valley Rd, Del Mar, CA 92014
32.93503, -117.25909

WS#1 28 St 31mi
Cutoff 7hrs (12PM Saturday)
1430 28th St, San Diego, CA 92102
32.720316, -117.133956

WS#2 Fanita Pkwy 50 mi
Cutoff 11hrs (4PM Saturday)
9398 Fanita Parkway, Santee, CA 92071
32.8679, -117.00519

WS#3 Garden Road Park 62mi
Cutoff 14hrs (7PM Saturday)
14828 Garden Rd, Poway, CA 92064
32.95615, -117.00878

WS#4 Sunset Dr 75mi
Cutoff 18hrs (11PM Saturday)
3600 Sunset Dr, Escondido, CA 92025
33.06659, -117.0678

WS#5 San Dieguito Rd 89mi
Cutoff 22hrs (3AM Sunday)
17520 San Dieguito Rd San Diego, CA 92127
33.00468, -117.16958

Course Maps and Files

You don't need all of maps and files below, just the one(s) you know how to use, but it's always a good idea to have back up plan for navigation.

Caltopo Course Map Many advanced features, used by professional rescue agents.
Garmin Connect Course. Login and click Send To Device
Ridewithgps Map. The original course I created on, all others files/maps based on this one, see below for the embed map.

GPX file With Water Stops and other POIs
KML file Used by some app like Mapme, Google Earth.
TCX file Used by some Garmin devices
FIT file, full course. Garmin course file, with turn-by-turn direction, put it under Garmin, Garmin, Course folder
FIT file, from 31 mi (WS#1) to finish
FIT file, from 62 mi (WS#3) to finish
garmin fenix 5x only support 50 course points, and above full course FIT has 140+ course points, add above two files to Garmin Course folder too, switch to it when you need it.

Full TBT with detailed maps A 23 page of PDF file have everything you'll need to navigate the course.
TBT cue sheets only See the embed below.
Cue sheet in CSV format You can open it on your spreadsheet and do something about it.

Local time: 7:05 PM


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