Saturday, Dec 11, 2021
Registration closes: Tue, Nov 30 @ 11:59PM

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12 hour 630am
6 hour 730am
3 hour 830am

12 Hours of Holiday Miles - For a GREAT Cause

*New for 2021* Timing and Bibs. No more manual check in!
12 Hours of Holiday Miles - For a GREAT Cause
2020 was our biggest and best year yet. We donated $$TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS$$ between our three charities - the Dunn Police Athletic Leage, the Dunn Rotary Club, and The Dunn-Erwin Rail Trail. Dunn PAL is a program that benefits the youth in our area with after school programs (computers/wifi/workspace/tutors/mentors) as well as athletic opportunities. This program has been instrumental for our area youth to give them alternatives to unsupervised activities and being on the street.
We set a new course record in the 3 hour, and a new attendance record as well. This event has grown EVERY year since 2014. Don't let me down now! 2021 here we come!! The Nutcracker Run has been and ALWAYS will be a 100% NOT FOR PROFIT event. Proceeds from the events held will go directly to The Dunn Police Athletic and Activities League, The Dunn Rotary Club, and the Dunn-Erwin Rail Trail Commission. Over the past five events, we have donated $4,500, $5,200, over $6,000 in 2018, $7,500 in 2019, AND FINALLY $10,000 in 2020.
Ask around about our events. I think you'll hear comments like "friendliest group ever", "awesome aid stations", "great race course", and the like. We keep registration fees as low as possible while still understanding that we are raising money for local charities. But we don't skimp. My promise to you is you'll have the best swag, an awesome medal, and 100% support from our aid stations and volunteers.
The 12 hour race started in 2014 draws great ultra runners from across the country, as well as beginners looking to push their limits. The 6 hour event started in 2017 and has since more than tripled in size. The 3 hour endurance run draws super fast participants as well as those looking to try out a "timed event". We anticipate each event to grow again in 2021.
These endurance runs will be on a 5 mile (each way) 10 mile per lap down and back course that is composed of crushed gravel towpath. The course is Dunn's rails to trails path. This trail will challenge any runner, it is a beginner's trail, but the length and the three mini hills can get to you in the latter hours.

In the 12 hour, for 9.5 hours you will run to Dunn and back, the final 2.5 hours you will do 1/2 mile repeats (1 mile round trip) to the cones and back. (any runner in any event can opt to do another 10 mile lap rather than 10 - 1 mile just have to be able to get back before the cutoff)
The 6 hour will do 3.5 hours to Dunn and back, the final 2.5 hours you will do 1 mile round trips to the cones and back.
The 3 hour will do 1 full round trip to Dunn (or two if the runner chooses), then complete 1 mile round trips until time is expired.

Registrations received 30 days or less in advance of event date are not guaranteed the shirt size they registered for, but they will still receive a shirt.
All participants will receive a custom race shirt, and a finishers award. Prizes for 1,2,3 m/f in each event.
Costumes, Ugly sweaters, TONS of food, beer and so much more!
Our hotel sponsor is Fairfield Inn and Suites in Dunn. Call them and tell them you are with The Nutcracker Run and you'll get a discounted room rate.
See you soon!


Here we go again.....
The 3 hour mens course record fell in 2020 at 29 miles. All other records held
If you set a course record in 2021 in the 12 hour, 6 hour, or 3 hour. Male or Female. You will win Free Entry into that event FOR LIFE!
Current Records:

12 Hour: Male 85 miles (Mark Manz 2014). Female 70 miles (Sara Siekman 2015)
6 Hour: Male 48 miles (Carter Benge 2019). Female 41 miles (Ariana Bevilacqua 2019)
3 Hour: Male 29 miles (Carter Benge 2020). Female 24 miles (Taryn Olmstead 2018)

Course Overview

"The Dunn-Erwin Rail Trail is a unique path that connects the two downtown areas of the communities while allowing the user to stroll through farmlands, beside cotton fields and across wetlands. The relaxed 5 mile trail of crushed stone is perfect for the casual walker, biker or family and is also used by serious runners because of its length and flat, well maintained surface. Dogs on leashes are welcome, but horses and ATVs are not permitted. The trail is clearly marked and easy to follow, and although the trail does intersect streets on multiple occasions, the crossings are well marked and safe. At multiple points on the path, there are informative signs with a map as well as historical points of interest and attractions along the trail. If you are interested in bringing the family and kids, there is plenty to explore in the two towns once you have traveled the trail. From Noah’s Landing, a 12 acre outdoor animal center, to historic sites likes Averasboro Civil War Battlefield and Museum; there is something to please everyone, young and old."

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Local time: 3:56 PM


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