Saturday, Apr 23, 2022

Looking Glass Endurance Runs (3/6/12/18-hour)

599 Granite St.

Ashland, OR 18-Hour, 12-Hour, 6-Hour, 3-Hour

Registration closes: Wed, Apr 20 @ 11:59PM

When & Where?

Just like Alice, enter a wonderland on your personal adventure of nature and endurance. Test your mental and physical fortitude on the "backyard" 3.1 mile course that includes oak savannahs, PNW mountain streams, and boardwalks. Run for 3, 6, 12, or 18 hours!

Saturday, April 23, 2022 (pending permit)
Lithia Park- Swimming Pond area
Granite Street, Ashland Oregon

12-Hour and 18-Hour races start at 5:30am. 6-Hour and 3-Hour races start at 12pm (noon).

From downtown Ashland take Granite Street to the "back" of Lithia Park. Parking is available in areas around park.

What is the race schedule?

Packet pickup is Friday, April 22 from 3-6pm (location TBA). Runners must check-in before their race, beginning 45-minutes prior to start. There will be a pre-race briefing 5-minutes prior to start, at the start line.

What is the course?

The route consists of a 3.1 mile loop within a loop that includes ~350' of gain and loss. The first 3 hours of each race is the Tweedledee Loop: leave the swimming pond area on Glenview Dr., then down Fork St (both gravel roads). Then jump on a short downhill singletrack to join the old Pioneer St (closed gravel road) through the park, past the park offices and old campground and across the boardwalk. Then head uphill on singletrack for the inner loop, and then across the ridge to drop back down on Ashland Creek and pop back out at the swimming pond. After 3 hours you change directions (for the Tweedledum Loop), and change back every 3 hours. The Tweedledee Loop can be viewed at Each loop includes ~1.25 miles of gravel road and rest singletrack. Although some portions of the course area on gravel road (will not be closed to traffic), there is no portion of the course that crosses traffic.

What is the swag?

As in "stuff we all get". Everyone who completes at least 1 lap will receiver a mug and patch. At packet pickup runners will receive a bag of goodies that includes useful swag and at least one wearable item. Shirts and other items are available as add-ons.

Top 3 males and top 3 females in each race will receive awards, as well as top runner in each age group.

Aid Stations & Personal Tents

There is one aid station, located near the start/finish area. During the day it will offer usual ultra foods. At night it will also offer hot soups/meals and hot drinks. Hammer Heed will be available.

Runners may purchase a spot to set-up a personal tent/aid station in the start/finish area. These spots are $10 each and will be marked out (sorry no camping the night before).

What else should I know?

*It gets dark at night and there are no lights in the woods. Please bring a headlamp for 12 and 24 hour runs.
*It's April in southern Oregon, so expect hot, wet, snow, rain, wind, and sun. Seriously though- be prepared for rain and cool night temps as well as sun and hot day temps.
*Switch directions after you finish your first lap after the switch time (ie. don't change directions mid-lap).
*Winners are calculated by the number of laps started within the time, that are completed.
*As long as you complete 1 lap, you will not receive a DNF.
*Runners must check-out with race officials if they decide to drop early.
*There are restrooms at the start/finish area.

Local time: 5:52 AM

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