Saturday, Oct 1, 2022

The New Orleans Ultramarathon and Half

701 Decatur St

New Orleans, LA 50 Miler, 50K, Half Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 1, 2022


50k and 50-miler: race starts at 6am (5am early start option with RD approval) at Jackson Square. The address is 701 Decatur St New Orleans LA 70116.

Half Marathon: race starts at 8am at Louisiana Running Company. The address is 4153 Canal St New Orleans LA 70119.

All events: there will be strategically marked arrows spray painted on the ground for you to follow, and the course will be very well marked. The entire course is 100% pavement, and you will be running on roads, running paths, and thru parks. You will also receive an excel spreadsheet with turn-by-turn instructions, and the map will be uploaded to Map My Run as well. All events will finish at Second Line Brewing, where a fun post race party awaits.

Packet Pickup

Friday, October 18th from 12 noon - 6:30pm at Louisiana Running Company. 4153 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119.

If you can make it, you will pick up your swag bag and race armband. If you can NOT make it, you must see an RD before your race on Saturday to get your armband, then your swag bag will be waiting on you at the finish. Either way is okay with us, so don't stress out if you can't make it on Friday.


Top 3 male and female in all 3 race distances will receive a handmade, unique award designed by a local artist. All finishers will receive a custom finisher medal designed by a local artist. We take pride in using local artists that live right here in our community, and we are so fortunate that New Orleans has so many talented and gifted people.

Mid-race and post-race party

The aid station at Louisiana Running Company (mile 15ish, and the start for the Half) has become the unofficial mid-race meetup not only for our runners, crew, and pacers, but plenty of our local runner friends as well. LRC has been a great, generous sponsor over the years, and literally opens their doors to us on race morning. In addition to functioning as an aid station for our runners, we also make sure to order plenty of extra food and beverages for all of our crew, pacers, and friends to enjoy. So please stop by, cheer on the runners, and have an adult beverage and something to eat. Our superstar volunteer Joey will be firing up breakfast burritos for EVERYONE who stops by, so please have one on us. Friends, family, crew, etc.

Post-race: Second Line Brewing has become a great place for us to host our finish line party. We'll be handing out awards, swag bags for those who were unable to pick them up on Friday, grilling up some great food, and serving up our favorite Second Line beverages. All who are affiliated with the race are welcome.


We do everything we can to spoil our runners with cool and unique items for them to leave our race with.
Custom designed race logo sticker = all race registrants
Custom designed race logo finisher medal = all race finishers
Custom designed race logo unisex soft cotton t-shirt = all race registrants
Custom designed race logo trucker hat = all race registrants

Custom designed race logo unisex hoodie/pullover = all 50 mile registrants (we wanted to honor those runners who went just a bit further)

What's new for 2024?

Glad you asked!

More swag (trucker hat, shirt, sticker, medal and 50m finish sweatshirts to 50m finishers)
PRIZE MONEY!! We're upping it to $500 for a new course record.


New to the race for 2023....

....PRIZE MONEY!!!! This race will offer a $500 prize to any participant who is fast enough to set a NEW course record. If you feel that you're in shape to give it a shot, PLEASE reach out to any of the race directors to let us know. We do reserve the right to verify your time via Strava/Garmin/etc, and we will be more than happy to discuss the course in greater detail if you have any questions of uncertainty.

The course records are as follows:

6:21 (Josh Chauvin/male) -- 7:25 (Rhea Loney/female)

3:08 (Alex Hebert/male) -- 4:11 (Mary Machniak/female)

Half Marathon
1:09:59 (Kolyn Saltzman/male) -- 1:38:38 (Aislinn Roberts/female)

Only 1 prize will be awarded per category (ex: if 2 women run the half faster than 1:38:38, only the fastest runner will win)


ALL events will finish at Second Line Brewing. The address is 433 N Bernadotte St New Orleans LA 70119.

50k = 2pm
50-miler = 6pm
Half Marathon = 2pm

(note: our goal is to help you get across the finish line!! if you need any extra assistance in any way, PLEASE let us know. we will be as accomodating as possible to help you achieve your goal)


Race Directors:

Casey Urschel = / 504-373-7694

David Burns = / 505-385-7414

Angela Urschel = / 601-606-5641


Are pacers allowed? Yes, pacers will be allowed for the ultra runners starting at the mile 15ish (Louisiana Running Company) aid station, but must follow the same rules as all other participants. They are entitled to aid station supplies, food, and drinks just the same as runners. We are very lenient with the rules on our pacers. As long as they have fun and stay safe, they are permitted to help their runners in any way necessary to get you to the finish line.

Do you offer refunds, bib transfers, or deferrals? Unfortunately, no. All sales are final.

Can I change distances? Of course. You can change distances at any point up to the start of the race. If you choose to move up in distance, just pay the additional owed amount (whatever the 50m was at the time you registered - what you paid for the 50k). If you choose to move down, you must stop at the 50k finish and notify a race official. Once you go past the 50k point, you risk a DNF if you do not finish the 50-mile.

Parking = there should be plenty of street parking just outside the French Quarter for the 50k and 50-milers. Please be aware that parking in the French Quarter is often residential, or there are parking meters. The corner of Elysian Fields Ave and N Peters St normally has lots of open spaces, especially along N Peters. No meters or special permits or anything required. HOWEVER, they will ticket/tow you if you park where you are not supposed to, so please be extra careful. If you want to make sure your car is safe in a parking spot, there are pay parking lots on Peters St just blocks away from the start.

For the Half Marathon: there is neighborhood street parking available around Louisiana Running Company, but please come early. Spaces are not always easy to find.

Drop bags? Yep! You can bring a drop bag to packet pickup or to the start line, and we'll have it waiting for you at the 50k finish line.

Packet Pickup? If you can make it to packet pickup on Friday, that is awesome. If not, then please see one of the RDs before the race to get your race armband, and then we will have your swag bag waiting for you at the finish.

What about bathrooms?
Start line (50k/50m) = maybe. Cafe du Monde is historically a 24-hour restaurant, but that has been dicey the past couple of years due to COVID. Assuming they are back to normal 24 hour schedule, you should be able to use their restroom facilities, and it's located only 50 yards from the start line.
Start line (half marathon) = yes. Our friends at Louisiana Running Company are very kind and welcoming.
Throughout the race = you'll be passing by countless shops/bars/restaurants/gas stations/grocery stores/etc. In addition, we will note on your official turn by turn instructions and on the runner manual which of the aid stations have running water and bathrooms, and which do not. Please plan accordingly.

Event's current local time: 6:08 AM CT


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