Saturday, Jan 15, 2022 @ 9:20 AM

8 Hours of Ode | Ode in the Snow

5000 McGinnis Rd.

Holly, MI 8 Hour, Trail 10k, 4.17 Miler, Trail 5k, Virtual 8 Hour, Virtual 5K

This Event Took Place Sat. Jan 15, 2022

Ode to Snow

On site runners can win entry into an Ode to Laz Backyard Ultra race of their choice!!!

Options, Options, Options - It's all about enjoying the day!
Pick your favorite distance or run as much as you'd like, up to 8 hours on the famous Ode to Laz trail loop, starting 9:19 am then each hour, "Backyard Style". You can also start the shorter distances in wave 2 at 2:19pm if you're not an early riser!
Run continuous if you like that better, as far as you can in 8 hours.

If you want to try the "Backyard" format, and then switch to continuous, feel free.
This is a great way to simulate the Ode to Laz as a tune up or just experience any distance you choose at your own pace on the great Ode course! The last lap time is coordinated with the dusk conditions you will experience on the last day trail lap at the July Ode to Laz race.
There is no chip timing.

Virtual runners, complete your run between Jan. 4 and Jan. 15. Submit all results here by Jan. 21. Good luck!

Rules & Info

The first lap of the 8 hours and all the distance races start at 9:19 a.m. Saturday morning, the last lap will start at 4:19 p.m.
Contestants provide their own aid, pacers are not permitted unless a continuous format runner exceeds 10 laps
Crew is permitted, not required. Crew may leave and come back if needed.
Racers get a chair/cooler space within 40 yards of the start/finish line. Canopies up to 10’ x 10’ size, one per contestant, enclosed sides are allowed to keep you warm. First come first served. There will be room for all with racers willing to share. Camping is available in the McGinnis campgrounds at the North half of the park if you're brave.
Alcohol is permitted.
Glass containers are prohibited.
Water is provided.
Coffee & Hot Soup is provided.
No hiking poles, no headphones on trails
A headlamp or carry light will be required for all runners/pacers on the trail after 4:19 p.m. but you'll finish prior to sunset.
You can switch from the "Backyard Format" to continuous if you wish, at any time, and your classification changes permanently to a "continous" runner. There is no switching from continuous to the "backyard" category after the start of the race, and no new laps start after 4:19 pm. Continuous runners have infinite time to complete any last lap. (see prizes)

The Course

The 4.167 mile trail loop has approximately 450 feet of climbing, is 2/3 technical single track, 1/3 moderate walking/hiking path and a few hundred yards of pavement.

Reminder: This is winter in Michigan. You are advised to own traction aids for your shoes. No hiking poles are allowed.


On-site ultra prize winners win entry into their choice of the year's Ode to Laz Backyard Ultra races for FREE. All on-site runners completing their race or at least one Ode lap get a cool, collectible Ode coffee mug!

On site Male and female overall "distance" winners: To win an entry prize, you must complete at least 9 laps. Run in continuous status from the gun or transition from backyard style to continuous status any time. No additional laps start after 4:21 pm, and you are allowed infinite time to complete your last lap, however, in the event of a distance tie, the fastest last lap finisher wins.
On-site Male and Female Backyard Overall winners: A twist since there is a limit of 8 laps. Win the prize by accumulating the least total run time for all 8 laps.
Virtual Male and Female Run the most outdoor distance in 8 hours (GPS file posting required) and win the coveted Ode to Laz Orange Beanie. Follow the same continuous running rules on a 4.17 mile course, starting your last "loop" no later than 7 hours exactly from your race start, and then you are allowed infinite time to complete your last 4.17 miles.
Note: If you switch mid-race from the "Backyard format" to continuous, you will remain in the continuous division. Once you are a "continuous" runner, you remain that even if you start taking breaks hourly with the "yards" runners or at your convenience.
One prize per person, no transfers.

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