May 1 - September 30, 2022
This Event Took Place Fri. Sep 30, 2022

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NOT YOUR AVERAGE VIRTUAL EVENT! Trails of 'Toba is stoked to bring you the Manitoba Segment Series! We have recommended twenty of Manitoba’s trails, each different from the next. The goal? Explore as many of the trails as possible!

So here are the brief details: Between May 1 and Sept. 30/21 get ready to pack in as many Manitoba adventures as you can! Your goal is to finish AT LEAST ten trails to score yourself a finishers patch to sport on your adventure gear. Each registered participant will also get some sweet Trails of 'Toba hike/run socks (new design and fabric for 2022!) We have also created a Manitoba Segment Series Guidebook for 2022 giving you information about the trails and to help you plan your adventures!

But wait... there is more incentive to get out the door! We also have a point system. The more trails you complete the more points you score. And what might these points be for? Prize packages! (details to be announced: think outdoor adventure and maybe a few other things...) We also have set up a checklist with a few extra "objectives" that one can explore, unique to each trail/location to make things even more interactive!

Here at Trails of 'Toba, we greatly care about the state of our trails and understand just how much time it takes to maintain the trails we have. With that in mind we also will be giving an extra 10 points towards winning our prize packs by volunteering with one of Manitoba's trail associations, to help with maintenance! (more details/dates to come)

Registration will open Jan. 8/2022 at 0800, which includes: our sweet Trails of 'Toba logo socks, a Trails of 'Toba decal, a chance to score a finishers patch for ten trail finishers , a shot at the segment series championship title, and gets you active in the points series! Registration is $65.00 plus tax ($72.80) for early bird!

Also for those interested in capturing Manitoba's trails on camera, feel free to tag us on Instagram: @trailsoftoba and hashtag #manitobasegmentseries so other participants can follow along in YOUR adventures!

Segment Series Trail Championship

For the competitive adventurers out there, we have selected 3 distinct trails, that will require one to be a well rounded athlete in order to end up on top!

1) Gorge Creek up and down - this 11km route has some knarly climbs and descents with 350m of elevation gain on the way up! Thats what we consider some big Manitoba vert.

2) Thornhill Trail - located just south of Morden, this 12.4km trail is a mashup of fun flowy single track and quiet back-country roads. This is an all-around trail where you can really get cruising once you hit your stride!

3) Hanson's Creek - This 7.5km of Canadian Shield single track is another technical gem. Starting at the Bear Lake parking lot you follow the Centennial Trail to Hanson's Creek, cross the iconic red bridge and head back to the parking lot. .

Here is how it works: You must complete all three segments between May 1 and Sept. 30. The Male and Female with the lowest overall combined times will be crowned the segment series champion! The top three overall finishers will receive a Manitoba unique trophy. Overall segment records will also be listed on our site for years to come.


1) All participants must follow the most current guidelines put in place by local authorities, and must stay up to date on the rules and regulations regarding Covid-19.

2)All participants must practice appropriate trail etiquette, including leaving no trace. Here is a good list to follow:

3)Each segment must be completed on foot and recorded using Strava. Please set your data to race in order to show elapsed time, and the data for each segment must be set to public. We are not sponsored by or directly affiliated with Strava.

4)Participants MUST have the appropriate pass to enter either Provincial/National Parks Provincial: National:

5)You must already be registered for the event prior to completing segments. All segments finished prior to registration will not be counted.

6)You may hike/run and submit your segments as many times as you like between May 1 and September 30, but please only submit times if they are faster than your previous.

7)Your times must be submitted by midnight Sept. 30/2021 at the latest.

8)The 20 trails listed are only recommendations. You can complete ANY 10 trails in Manitoba (must be at least 5km per trail) and submit your GPS data to receive a finishers patch. In order to be considered for the championship/leader-board, the recommended trails must be completed.

9)Each entrant must be 18 years of age or older, have read, signed and electronically submitted their waiver forms in order to be eligible for the virtual event.

10)You are responsible for yourself on the trails. Make sure you are appropriately prepared for the trail you are attempting along with checking trail conditions and weather. Pack appropriate amount of water, nutrition and safety gear based on your experience and fitness level. here are some guidelines to follow:

11) *There will be NO refunds or registration transfers due to the associated costs of buying promotional items etc. for the event, please take this into consideration prior to registering *

12) Event swag for Winnipeg area will be curbside pickup to minimize cost (and keep entry fees down). We will also set up pickup in Brandon area. Finisher patches will be mailed out after the event closes!

Local time: 7:39 AM


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