Saturday, Jun 18, 2022 @ 9:00 AM

Ode to the Hoff Backyard

6585 Lake Harbor Rd

Muskegon, MI Last Runner Standing, 3hr Tour

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 18, 2022

Ode to the Hoff - An Ode Series Backyard

P. J. Hoffmaster State Park is one of the jewels of the Michigan park system. Run on beautiful soft trails with a mix of wooded beauty and scenic elevation changes. Your crew and family can enjoy beautiful Lake Michigan while you find your personal distance record in our backyard format challenge. Whether you want to reach ultra distance or run a loop and party, you won't find a more beautiful race venue.
After all, you can't get enough of the Hoff. Once you're done, enjoy our performance beverages from Pigeon Hill Brewing Company. Rumor has it that they are performance fuel for backyarding, so we're lucky that they're powering the Hoff!

You Pick Your Distance

New to backyard style racing? It's great. You make the race whatever you'd like. Race to find your personal limit, or use it as the most fun structured training run you've ever experienced. You don't have to be fast, that's the beauty of it. The start bell rings every hour. Just finish our 4.17 mile course within the 1-hour cutoff and you're allowed to repeat it at the next start bell.
Don't know what a backyard is about? Whether one, three, or dozens of loops is your goal, the vibe at backyard races is amazing and welcoming to runners of all types. It's not just about ultra distance. This video from our Ode to Laz Backyard Ultra does the trick - Just imagine a less technical, softer surface at the Hoff!

Costume Contest

We all love the Hoff!
We'll award the coveted Orange Ode to Laz race hat to the best Baywatch inspired male and female costumes (that's a male costume, or female costume; worn by either, doesn't matter). Have fun, and be ready for the beach after your run. Of course whistles and floats are allowed.
What about Michael Knight? Yes, dress as Michael too, and even Kit. More hat prizes.
Don't forget the 3 Hour Tour! We'd love to see Gilligan, the Skipper too, the Millionaire and his wife, a Movie Star, the Professor and Mary Anne... More hat prizes!
Doesn't matter what event you're in, pick your favorite costume.
Gee whiz, if you're not in one of these costumes, you'll probably be teased relentlessly.

A 3 Hour Tour

The weather started getting rough... Oh yeah, that's just for the runners going all day. Sane folks may want to try 1, 2, or 3 loops. Take our 3 Hour Tour. Get an earlier start on the party and cheer on the long haulers.

A Bronze Qualifier - Big's Backyard Affiliated Race

The top 10 finishers have a reserved spot in the Ode to Laz Michigan Backyard Ultra in July. Since Ode to the Hoff is an affiliated race, your performance can also qualify you for the Big's Backyard world championship as an at large bid.

The Rules

Standard backyard rules apply. It's simple: Run a 4.17 mile course in less than an hour to receive a lap credit. Each hour after the race start, the bell rings again and you start a new lap if you'd like. If you can't finish the lap in an hour, you are done; if you aren't in the starting corral when the bell rings, you are done. Of course, you are never required to run more laps than you want to. This is a great format to find your limit in a fun and safe manner.
Contestants receive their own aid only at the pit area before/between each lap, pacers are not permitted
Crew is permitted, not required. Crew may leave and come back if needed.
Racers are allotted a chair/cooler space within 40 yards of the start/finish line. Parking for 1 vehicle overnight for all active entrants at the start/finish venue is guaranteed, additional parking is first-come, first served. Bring a sided canopy up to 10’ x 10’ size in largest dimension, space permitting, first come first served (see team challenge rules for teams). Many racers are willing to share with those who can't bring shelter.
Permanent park bathrooms will be available and open during the event at the start/finish.
Alcohol is permitted.
Water is provided.
Coffee is provided.
No hiking poles, no headphones on trails

Team Challenge Discounts

The only thing that could make this race better is competing in the team challenge and enjoying discounts:


The top 10 finishers are guaranteed entry into the Ode to Laz Michigan Backyard Ultra in July if they want to register
The winner and assist get 75% off entry, assist ties receive 50% off entry.
Every racer gets an amazing Ode Logo hat - it's an Ode to Laz series backyard ultra after all. A performance-inspired hat that will make your running friends envious and become your go-to running hat. (unless you have other Ode to Laz hats - in which case you'll alternate between them of course)
The team challenge cumulative lap winners prizes are TBD.
Here is a link to our gear store. Excellent prices, and top-quality merchandise.

Racer Guide

The race guide is found here. The link will update as we add more details.

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