Saturday, Sep 17, 2022 @ 8:00 AM

4sta Hike

19408 Loud Thunder Rd

Illinois City, IL 4hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 17, 2022

4sta Hike

Welcome to the 5th Annual 4sta Hike. Sitting along the banks of the Mighty Mississippi, this race takes place within the Loud Thunder Forest Preserve near Andalusia, IL.


A 1-mile loop that you get an opportunity to tackle as much as you’d like. We have a few different courses that we will choose from. One of the courses sticks to the main trails (Easy) and another has a few off-trail sections (Hard) added for further enjoyment. We prefer the hard course and plan to use it if possible! Depending upon rain levels throughout the summer and leading up to the race, we won’t know the final course until a week or so out.

You will experience smooth single track, rocks, roots, downed trees, waterways and steep gradients (we’ve seen up to 48%). You can expect a gorgeous but challenging course. This preserve is known to have deer, turkeys, coyotes and snakes commonly visible within its trail network. With your fellow runners joining you on the trail, about the only thing you are guaranteed to see are the sticks that look like snakes. We will consider everything else a bonus!

For the sake of clarifying these courses:
Easy = 230’ gain/230’ loss per loop
Hard = 304’ gain/304’ loss per loop

We've never run the easy course and don't plan on it.

Time Limit: 4 Hours
It’s totally your call as to how much you want to work. Come out for 1 loop or stay and grind for all 4 hours. Your final lap needs to be completed by noon. A loop finished after 12:00pm doesn’t count.

We are capping this event at 40 runners to avoid trail congestion.

Start/Finish: 41.433910,-90.840202

If you are looking for a race to have a PR/PB, this likely won’t be your best option. If you are looking for an event where you can chase some vert, this is it.

We will (likely) have limited aid at the Start/Finish. Without knowing what we can do a few months from now, plan on being self sufficient and bringing your own nutrition and hydration products.

You may be required to record your time at the end of each loop as well.

We wanted to create a race that is far from the norm in the area. As you will soon see, I think we’ve succeeded. As importantly, we wanted to showcase the trails at the Loud Thunder Forest Preserve. Since they are being gracious enough to allow us to jaunt through their woods, we plan on taking everything left after expenses and donating it back to them!

We will have a cool and functional award for the male and female with the most loops completed within the time limit. We are also working on options for swag for each participant and a cold beverage after. More to come on this!

Trail shoes due to the gradient (also if it’s wet, the mud at Loud Thunder is like grease)
Don’t train for this by constantly running on the flat bike path by the river (I mean you can, but just expect to be sore for a few days after the race)
A handheld is light but a vest will allow you to carry more liquid on course. Figure out if you want more stops or more weight.

Be honest (stay on/no cutting of the marked course)
Don’t litter (if you are caught intentionally littering, you will be DQ’d)
Bring your own liquid carrying vessel. We plan on being (mostly) cup less as it creates less waste.


CFX/ChiroFitness Xtreme
Fenix Lighting USA
Squirrel's Nut Butter
Fat Dad Custom Designs
Triptych Brewing
Jimmy John's - Rock Island
Get A Grip Training Center

Local time: 5:49 AM


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