May 18 - 28, 2023
This Event Took Place Sun. May 28, 2023


The Endurance Society is a great community and we welcome anyone.

Infinitus is an event like no other with distances ranging from 9 miles to 551 miles (aka - the 888k). Be ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

See the course map here and the topographical map here!


Silver Towers will offer dorm style lodging for participants in the 888K, Deca Marathon, 250 mile race, and Penta. We have room for 20 people in each dorm. There are two person rooms and four person rooms. Lodging is available for participants or support crew

888K Lodging - $150 for ten nights
Deca Marathon - $150 for ten nights
250 Mile Lodging - $75 for five nights
Penta Lodging - $75 for five nights
Other - $45 for three nights
Other - $30 for two nights

Each dorm has room for 30 people. The dorms have a dozen bathrooms and showers. Everyone staying in the dorm will have their own bed and closet.

The venue is located at 56 Silver Towers Road in Ripton, Vermont.

Other Lodging
Chipman Inn - Ripton
Robert Frost Cabins - Ripton
Waybury Inn - East Middlebury
Courtyard Marriot - Middlebury
Middlebury Inn - Middlebury


Our venue is Silver Towers is located in Ripton, Vermont and is surrounded by Green Mountain National Forest.

Silver Towers is an extraordinary residential camp for people with disabilities ages six to seventy-five who are physically and mentally challenged.

Silver Towers has a large dining hall, recreation center, outdoor swimming pool, and camping.

At Checkout Please consider A donation to Silver Towers


You will be directed where to park.

Please follow the volunteers directions.


Camping is available and is $12 PER PERSON for the duration there. It may be paid in advance or when you arrive.

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