September 9 - 10, 2023

Mt. Hood Trail Games

Mt. Hood Meadows

Mt. Hood, OR Mountain Relay, Wolfpack Team, Sprint Relay, Lone Wolf 25K

This Event Took Place Sun. Sep 10, 2023

Event Overview

Welcome to the Mt. Hood Trail Games, featuring super fun and beautiful trail running races up high on the slopes of Oregon’s most famous volcano! Trail Games offers a different spin on trail racing formats, featuring two exciting relay team options, a squad race we like to call the “Wolfpack”, as well as the “Lone Wolf”, a traditional individual trail race.

Race Course

For the Trail Games course, we’ve assembled a cool “three-leafed clover” consisting of three unique trail loops that all start and finish on the Sun Deck at Mt. Hood Meadows, adding up to 25K (15.5 miles)! No need for vans, gas or managing large teams…it’s just you and your trail besties cheering each other on under the mountain summit the whole time!

Race Options

Mountain Relay:
Teams of 3 runners. Each teammate takes turns running every loop until all team members complete all 3 loops to finish. Each teammate’s three loops totals 15.5 miles (25K), for an overall Mountain Relay race distance of 46.5 miles (75K)! The course loops can be run in any order.

Sprint Relay:
Teams of 3 runners. Each teammate chooses to run one of the 3 loops, with each teammate running a different loop. To finish, teammate 1 runs the first loop, teammate 2 runs the second loop, teammate 3 runs the third loop to finish. Total Sprint Relay race distance is 15.5 miles (25K). The course loops can be run in any order.

Wolfpack Race:
Teams of 3 runners. All teammates start, run and finish all three loops together to finish— your pack is as fast as your slowest wolf! Total race distance of the three loop course is 15.5 miles (25K). The course loops can be run in any order.

Lone Wolf 25K:
Traditional individual 25K trail race— a single runner completes all three loops to finish the 15.5 mile (25K) distance. The course loops can be run in any order.

How To Sign Up:

Once registration opens, Relay Teams and Wolfpack Teams must have their Team Captain register your team and pay the full registration fee. Each team member will then register to join their team.

Lone Wolf 25K runners will register for themselves like a typical individual trail race signup.

About Daybreak Racing

Daybreak Racing presents unique Pacific NW trail running races including Tillamook Burn, Backcountry Rise and Gorge Waterfalls. Our goal is to share some of our area's most beautiful trails and reward your effort with trail friends, food, music and memories.

Adventure begins at Daybreak.

Cancellation Policy

Please review our Cancellation Policy on the Daybreak Racing website.

Event's current local time: 4:27 PM PT


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