Saturday, Jan 21, 2023 @ 9:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Jan 21, 2023

Wild Winter Wipeout 5K!

The Wild Winter Wipeout will run UP and DOWN Spirit Mountain, burning your quads on the way up AND on the way down. Have you ever blasted straight down a ski hill with trail running shoes on? Here's a tip - IT'S SUPER FUN!!! And you may just "wipeout" a time or two on the way down!

Duluth Winter Trailrunning Series

The Duluth Winter Trailrunning Series (DWTS) is a new series of fun, challenging and unique trail running races taking place primarily on the wonderful snowpacked fat bike trails in Duluth, MN. The trail running series will take advantage of the extensive system of packed multi-use fat bike trails that snake throughout the City of Duluth and provide incredible and unique opportunities for trail runners to explore the amazing topography and views of Duluth in the winter. Locals find the packed fat bike trails to be even more fun to run in the winter than when they're snow free!

We've selected a few of the most fun, scenic and popular routes for winter trail runners. This years winter trail running series will start at Chester Park, move to Lester Park where we'll revive a winter classic, move to a local ski slope for a Wild Winter Wipeout of grinding ups and bombing fast descents and then finish with a 10K on a quintessential route in the heart of Duluth at Hartley Park.

December 17, 2022 - Chester Rim 5K
January 7, 2023 - Northwoods Winter Trail Marathon and 1/2 Marathon - "no shoe" and snowshoe divisions
January 21, 2023 - Wild Winter Wipeout 5K - Spirit Mountain
February 4, 2023 - Hartley Park 10K - "no shoe" and snowshoe divisions
February 11, 2023 - Frozen 4 Hour - Lester Park

Pay for all FIVE RACES in the series and receive a discount on the last race in the series.

Join us this winter for this fun series of races on the amazing winter trails of Duluth! Can you finish the 5 races in the Series and become a Winter Trail Series Survivor? Special award to runners who finish all five races.

Two of the races will include snowshoe and "no shoe" (trail running) divisions.

This new winter trail series will open up a whole new window of winter fun for runners not used to running on smooth, snowpacked trails. Join us this winter and become a Winter Trail Series Survivor! Be sure to dress warm!

Event's current local time: 11:28 PM CT


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