Saturday, Jun 10, 2023 @ 8:30 AM

Centurion Ultra Trail Event

700 Peters Lane

Stratford, CT Blue Buckle 33 Hours, White Buckle 30 Hours, Red Buckle 24 Hours

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 10, 2023

Marching Against Time!

Do 100 miles and "Buckle" ! There are 3 Buckles: Red for under 24 hours, White for under 30 hours and Blue for under 33 hours, all will be given as you complete your journey of 100 miles. For 2024 there is a new quicker course of 2.5 miles loops. This typical New England course will have roots, rocks and rolling hills. Also new for 2024; your chance for 3 Buckles: Red (24), White (30) and Blue (33) : you must do 100 miles in 24 or less hours for a Red Buckle and continue to do another 25 more miles in 30 or less hours for a White Buckle and then have the right to continue on for another 25 miles for the Blue Buckle resulting in a total of 150 miles in 33 hours and all three Buckles are yours! Register, now and start your training !!!
The Roosevelt Forest Ultras are a series of 6 trail races through picturesque Roosevelt Forest, Stratford Connecticut. Races include a 33 Hour Ultra, 30 Hour Ultra, 9 Hour Ultra, 6 Hour Ultra, Half Marathon, and a Winter 5K. All races feature small, intimate fields of 50 to 75 runners, lap courses of 2-5 miles, and are well known for unique medals, medallions, food and of course swag. This is a "TRAIL" race and not flat dirt; you earn your 100 mile buckle, so training is required for mid-packers, podium runners and for the novice. You "buckle" here and you can do a 100 miler anywhere just ask the Guy that went on to the Moab 240!
It's going to be EPIC !
The Centurion Ultra Trail Event will take place on Saturday and Sunday June 29/30, 2024, starting 8:30am. Go for as long as you wish:100 miles, 100K, 50 miles, 26.2 and experience night running. There are no DNF'S, everyone gets a Finisher's Medal. The course has rolling hills, single and double tracks, including roots, rocks, and hills, typical New England; with one out and back. A doable "100 mile Buckle" is given when reaching 100 miles. There are limited buckles availble: 20 Red, 20 White and 15 Blue
The Centurion loop is 2.5 miles with and elevation of 193 feet per loop. (40 loops to 100 miles).

Bib/Packet Pickup

Bib/Packet pickup begins at 3pm to 6pm on Friday June 9th, at which time you can set up your own "Rest and Recuperation" (R&R) area; (NO overnight camping allowed per Town Ordinance/Friday night). Also, access to your vehicle will be nearby also picnic tables picnic tables. Access, again will be on Saturday morning after 6:30am for "Rest and Recuperation" (R&R) area placement. The pavilion is the main aid station for the 2.5 mile loop course with the usual ultra foods plus pizza about noon on Saturday, dinner about 5pm and breakfast sandwiches about 8am. Bib and swag pick up is here also. Tees (for those who purchased) will be at the pavilion, also other items to buy, if desired. The race start time is the same: 8:30am till 24 hour (8:30AM) Sunday, 30 hours (2:30pm Sunday) or 33 hours which is (5:30pm Sunday).

Awards and Buckles

There are 3 Buckles given at no addtional charge and do not have to be ordered: 24 Hour(Red), 30 Hour (White) and 33 Hour (Blue). My end result is to see YOU "Buckle", podium or not. Happy Trails, Lou RD
There will be an award for first to fifth overall with the most amount of miles in the 33 hours. An incredible buckle will be given at no additional charge to all those achieving 100 miles in the 33 hours; a buckle is assigned at race time achievement of 100 miles. So, train well and you will "Buckle"! A buckle would make an EPIC event, even better! Note: anyone achieving 100 miles receives the buckle at that point, but that does not win the race; it is most miles achieved in 33 hours. On average, the course has roots and rocky terrain with one larger hill, that is very doable, so 2.50 miles times 40 loops gets you that fantastic buckle. You are given these as you achieve your 100 miles, however as stated, this does not win the race. The top 5 Runners with most miles in 33 hours will podium! The Podium is for the fastest and most miles in 33 hours; meaning you can get one 100 mile buckle and be able to Podium by your completed time in the race. Podium awards will run from 1st to 5th overall with the most amount of miles achieved and the quickest in getting there; final decision is with the Timer-Man get your miles and time from the Timer-Man before going to the pavilion for you Medallion.respective races. All will receive a finisher's medal for entering. On size: the largest is Red 24 and White 30, Blue 33 hours are the same. All are beautiful and a nice show piece for the 4th of July!!!


One Pacer is allowed per runner:
Cost of $50 for 12 hours (start time 5:30 am, Sunday) or new this year: Pacer pays at Pavilion when you are about to reach 60 miles, regardless of race buckle time.
$25 for 6 Hours (11:30 am to race end). 
Multiple pacer runners can change off, however only one Pacer at a time (one charge fits all); 
They must register and sign the waiver, 
Registered pacers have access to some tyep of SWAG, hydration, food, etc., 
Pay at pavilion in hours just before 12 hours or 6 hours knowing that the goal is within reach and/or 60 miles logged.
Pacers must check-in for a Pacer wristband at the pavilion.  
Anyone using an unauthorized Pacer WILL BE DISQUALIFIED from the race!

Note: Finalizing:

Note: To maintain the competitive integrity of the event, registration is FINAL. Please understand that there are absolutely no refunds, bib transfers or race deferrals for any reason. CDC/State/Town requirements are strictly applied.
Are you in for the march of miles against time? This is part of the roosevelt forest ultra series. Thank you for your support and safe training and travel to all. Happy trails, Lou RD

Charities :

Lastly, a portion of the proceeds will include the Roosevelt Forest Commission, Veteran's Museum, Stratford Library and others. Also, many thanks to the "paid" Volunteers for all thier time and effort; well worth the price in the support of the entrants. They and I thank you for registering.

Event's current local time: 6:33 AM ET


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