Saturday, Apr 1, 2023

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day 50k

17783 Alma Bridge Rd

Los Gatos, CA 50K, 18 Miler, 24hrs, Puppy Run

This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 1, 2023

General Info

No permits are being issued as of now. You are participating on our own, at your own schedule, with your own support.The event, a glorified fat-ass run, is merely a suggested activity, with only a tiny keep-ultrasignup-off-my-back-but-also-pay-my-gas fee. Paying participates gets their results on ultrasignup. The rest of y'all idiots will get on my Wall of Shame for participating anyway.

Who has two thumbs, four good toenails, only one brain, and is fake training for a sky race this year? THIS GUY!!!! What about you????

How about a run designed to punish your quads, test your willpower and kill off any last remaining brain cells that might have you reconsider doing Broken Arrow, Rut, Flagstaff Skyrace, etc?

How about 10 repeats of Dogmeat?

The Moderately Annoying, Mildly Irritating Morning Puppy Run
3,,900 ft gain in 10 miles
2 repeats of Dogmeat (Puppymeat!)

The 50k option
10,900 ft gain in 50k (32 miles)
10 repeats of Dogmeat

The 30k (18 mile) Fun Run option
6,035 ft gain in almost 30k (18.2 miles)
5 repeats of Dogmeat

The 24 HR Double Run option
12 hours of daylight per day, do 6 ascents on Saturday and 6 more on Sunday.

Aid Station? Bring your own. Pack your own food and water up Limekiln to the saddle at the Priest Rock junction below Dogmeat and crew yourself.

Crew? If you can convince someone to mule 4 miles for you, your friends are dumber than you are.

Pacers? Allowed the whole time. Pacemakers, too.

Poles? Sure, Polish, Irish, Filipinos, you're all welcome.

Prizes? Seriously? What's better than running up Dogmeat ten times?

Cutoff? I should have cut myself off at 3 beers before coming up with this idea. Seriously, this may take a lot longer than your typical 50k. 8 to 12 hours is normal, so plan accordingly.

Date March 2, 2024
Start time: any time of your choosing
Start place. Limekiln trailhead (google map)

Since this is a non-supported event, runners may begin on their own at any time. Runs on Saturday, March 2, 2024 of course and Sunday, Mar 3 will be included in our results.

See website for details on sharing results.

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Event's current local time: 4:07 PM PT
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