Saturday, May 18, 2024

Cape Cod Race Against The Tides (RATT50)

1187 Main St.

Brewster, MA 50 Miler Only, 50 Miler - Ultrarunning Retreat

This Event Took Place Sat. May 18, 2024

RATT50 Intro:

A solo, unsanctioned, extreme point-to-point 50-mile ultra taking place every May and September, starting at Pilgrims' First Landing Park, Provincetown, MA, and spanning Cape Cod's untamed beauty.

Unsanctioned Solo Unsupported Run

RATT50 isn't your typical race. It's an exclusive, unsanctioned, solo, and unsupported ultra run where you challenge your limits and conquer nature's trials. Embrace the solitude of the course and relish the accomplishment of completing the journey on your terms.

About the Course

Cape Cod's RATT50 Ultra is an exceptional adventure that stretches across the pristine beaches of Cape Cod. What sets this run apart from others is the pivotal role played by the tides, which dictate when certain sections can be conquered, rendering others impassable.
This route is a hidden gem, perfect for weekend training for accomplished runners from NYC and Boston, as well as an ideal destination for anyone who dreams of conquering a solo and unsupported ultra run. Additionally, RATT50 serves as a perfect training ground for preparing for other formidable ultra-races, such as the Marathon des Sables, the Atacama Crossing, or any of the Racing The Planet Series.

Start Time Determined by Gravitational Pull of the Moon and Tides

With tides rising and falling twice daily, this course requires meticulous planning, thorough preparation, and an unconventional approach compared to conventional runs. Your run's start time, determined by the first low tide between 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM, will be provided by the race director 24 hours before the event. Plan ahead with tide charts at US Harbors Provincetown, MA - Tides

Stay and Experience Cape Cod's Rich Heritage at Sea Meadow Inn

Immerse yourself in the timeless charm and heritage of the Sea Meadow Inn, a venerable 240-year-old gem among Cape Cod's historic houses. Amidst the serene backdrop, you'll prepare for the ultimate solo and unsupported ultra run, surrounded by all the amenities you need for optimal readiness.

What's Included in the 50 Miler Event Retreat Package Price

Your registration for RATT50 Retreat Package offers more than just an extraordinary adventure. It encompasses a comprehensive package designed to enhance your experience and preparation:

Luxury Accommodation: Enjoy a 2-night, 3-day stay at the Sea Meadow Inn (from Friday May, 17 to Sunday May19, 2024). Your base camp will provide comfort and relaxation as you prepare for the ultimate solo and unsupported ultra run.

Complimentary Stay for Two in a double room with a plush king or queen size bed: Bring your significant other or a crew member along. Your registration covers their stay at the Sea Meadow Inn, ensuring you have the support you need. Based on availability, we offer additional rooms at an extra charge, so more of your crew can join in.

Course Discovery Excursion: Join us for a course discovery excursion the day before the run. We'll guide you through three or four distinct course sections, offering valuable context to address navigation challenges and the dynamics of high and low tides.

Transport to Start Point: We'll take care of transportation to the starting point of the run, allowing you to focus on the journey ahead without worrying about logistical details.

What's included in the 50 Miler Only Event

For runners who prefer not to stay at the Sea Meadow Inn, you're still warmly invited to be a part of the RATT50 event for the day run. Even without an overnight stay, you can enjoy a day pass which includes a post-run snack and a social gathering at the Sea Meadow Inn, ensuring you're part of the event's vibrant community. All participants, regardless of their accommodation choice, will receive comprehensive communication and information about the run. Please note, it is the responsibility of each runner to arrange their accommodation and to be present at the starting point on time. Remember, RATT50 embraces the spirit of personal challenge and flexibility — 'Your run, your rules.' This unsanctioned run allows you to tailor your experience and tackle the challenge in a way that best suits you.

Run with Confidence: Enjoy our 60-Day Cancellation Option

Experience the RATT50 with peace of mind. Our 60-Day Cancellation Option lets you register with confidence, knowing that you have flexibility. Life happens, and we understand. If something unforeseen comes up, you have the option to cancel your registration. We're here to make your RATT50 journey as smooth as possible, from registration to the finish line. Details are provided in our Ultrasignup Waiver.

Seize Your FKT Glory Opportunity

The RATT50 Ultra Run presents a unique Fastest Known Time (FKT) opportunity, allowing you to measure yourself against the current record. Adventure seekers, top athletes in ultrarunning, marathon runners, and triathletes can use this event to push their limits and set new records. The current FKT is held at FKT Cape Cod RATT50. Take on the challenge, beat the clock, and etch your name in the record books.

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