Saturday, Jun 3, 2023
Registration Ended Wed. May 31, 2023 @ 11:59 PM

Race Details:

Big Dog Running & Revolution Running are excited to partner together with Standing Boy Trail to host the Standing Boy Trail Festival! This race will have a morning 12-mile option at 7am and an afternoon 5K-mile option at 11am. Due to limited parking, we have split the two races into two separate events on the same day. The fun thing about two races is it gives runners a chance to run both races on the same day; run the 12, 5K, or do both!

Standing Boy Trail is a relatively new trail for Columbus and it’s like no other trail in this area. Packed with short steep climbs, runnable long downhills, and single track through the whole park it will make for an amazing day of running. This trail has awesome lake scenery and beautiful views of the Chattahoochee River and Lake Oliver. This is a unique trail tucked into the Northside of Columbus that everyone needs to run, walk, or hike.


All runners will receive a nice unique medal once they finish. Shirts are an add on because if you run both races we didn't want to charge runners for 2 shirts. If you run both races you will get two unique medals that connect to make one large supery doopery medal. The 5K and 12 miler are the same shirt. If you're running both races don't select two shirts unless you want two identical shirts.


There will be hot dogs at the end of the 12 miler and ice cream sammys at the end of the 5K free to all participants.


The top male & Female for each race will get an overall award. All finishers will receive a medal.





12 MILER: This race is set up as a figure 8 so you pass by the start/finish line after the first part (5.85 miles) for an aid station and then head out for the last part (6.15 miles) The race starts off by everyone heading down a dirt road for about 1/3 of a mile until you hit the trail. Once you hit the trail the first two miles are the most runnable of this section; beautiful single track with little rollers. The next 4 miles are a series of quick ups and downs that keep you hopping around on the trail. I few rock gardens right toward the end and then back to the aid station. The second part of the figure 8 is super runnable and it feels like a different trail than the 1st half. Very little elevation and super soft single track that lets every runner fly on this section. Between mile 9-10 is the only part that has a decent climb but once you get to the top you have a huge downhill to finish the race that's over a mile long. If the race was 6 flags the first half would be the mine train roller coaster and the 2nd half would be the lazy river! The race course is amazing!
5K Course: The 5K starts the same way as the 12 miler going down the dirt road but this time for about a tenth of a mile until you hook a sharp right on to the single track trail. From there you will run up a pretty substantial hill, over a mile (the same hill the 12 milers come down to finish their race). Once at the top you will glide down a long decent for about a half a mile until you have a pretty smooth tiny rolling hills until the finish. The first 1.2 miles of this race is tough, but the rest is very runnable and fast.


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