Saturday, Aug 7, 2021 @ 7:00 AM

Turkey Ridge Backyard Ultra

28434 444th Ave.

Marion, SD Last Man Standing

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 7, 2021

Turkey Ridge Backyard Ultra

Turkey Ridge Backyard Ultra
4.166667 miles
One hour time limit

Race will be held on a farmstead in the Turkey Ridge Valley
near the towns of Marion and Freeman South Dakota.

How far can you go?
What are your limits?
What are you capable of?

A new race on the hour, every hour.
If you are in the starting corral, you are tied for the lead.
We will continue until there is one runner left standing.

- Competitors must be in the starting corral at the bell
- Each loop starts precisely 1 hour after the last
- Warning will be given 3,2 and 1 minutes prior to the start
- All competitors must start at the bell (no late starts)
- Except for restrooms competitors may not leave the course until the loop has been completed
- No non competitors on the course (including eliminated runners)
- No crewing or outside aid during a loop
- Each loop must be completed within an hour to be counted….including the final loop
- No artificial aids (including trekking poles)
- No crying or whining
- All runners must be clothed. Nakedness not allowed
- Slower runners must allow passes
- Runners are responsible for their personal aid and nutrition needs.
- Water, along with a limited supply of prepackaged food items will be available throughout the race at start/finish.
- Runners will be given a space near the start/finish. Spaces will be allotted on a first register/ first serve basis (the first to register will receive spot closest to start/finish and so on)
- Runners who give up will be required to vacate their space so that survivors can have more space or move closer to the starting corral
- One crew member is allowed per runner. Crew can administer aid in between loops, not during.
- The winner is the last person to complete a loop. All others will be classified as DNF. There is no second place. (or 3rd, or 4th, or 5th etc). You either win or you lose.
- Distance will be tracked for each runner.
- The race is over as soon as someone has won or everyone has quit. A runner cannot run on his own to log more miles.
-All participants will receive a new car and a vacation home on the French Riviera (disclaimer: previous statement is false and there is no way in hell that anyone will receive aforementioned items)

- Course will be trails, maintained and unmaintained gravel roads
- Hand sanitizer, wipes and face masks will be available
- Physical distancing encouraged
-You can’t fail if you don’t try

Local time: 11:55 PM


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